A Great Place To Learn

16 months – 2 years

Teacher Student Ratio 1 to 5

The classroom for our youngest students is structured to encourage children to feel comfortable and at home in a school setting. Ms. Kaitlyn uses art projects, songs, and stories to help children discover their world and play alongside new friends. Sharing and communication are a major focus as the children learn vocabulary words and work on expressing themselves verbally.


2 years – 3 years

Teacher Student Ratio 2 – 2.5  years  1 to 7

Teacher Student Ratio  2.5 – 3 years  1 to 10


Our two year old classrooms foster students’ growing curiosity and social skills as children begin to interact more with their peers. Ms. Alex and Ms. Angelica encourage new friendships and participation in whole group activities, such as circle time and crafts. There is a new focus on building fine motor skills as children practice holding writing tools to scribble on paper and create images of lines. They begin to recognizing their names, identify colors, and practice simple counting. Children this age express pride and joy in their work, and often like to talk and share what they know.


3 years – 4 years

Teacher Student Ratio 3 – 3.5 years  1 to 10

Teacher Student Ratio  3.5 – 4 years  1 to 7  

Our three year old classrooms build on children’s natural enthusiasm for learning and longer attention spans to introduce new concepts and skills. Ms. Chrissy, Ms. Stefany and Ms. Jackie encourage the children to expand their vocabulary and their knowledge of letters and sounds, practice writing their names, and sharpen their fine motor skills. The children are given more independence to follow multi-step directions and use their growing confidence and curiosity to explore.  The students personalities shine through as they identify their likes and dislikes, talk through their emotions, and solidify friendships through cooperative play.


4 years – 5 years PRE – K

Teacher Student Ratio 1 to 12

The main focus of our Pre-K class is to prepare students for Kindergarten, so they feel comfortable and confident as they transition from a small school setting to a bigger environment. Ms. Jen and Ms. Mary encourage students to think and use their unique perspectives in group discussions and projects. Children bring their creativity, imagination, and finely developed motor skills together to form meaningful artwork and to write words and simple sentences. The children are given opportunities to participate in new and unfamiliar activities and tasks to inspire independence and a positive self-image.

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